CDA Training Courses for Infant Toddler

If you work in an environment with infants and toddlers and are seeking to earn a credential, you should consider Atlas Training for CDA. The health, safety, and educational needs of children during these formative years have a great impact on the rest of their lives, so Child Development Associate (CDA) training can support you in understanding how to provide the highest quality care for young children.

If you're looking for CDA training for infant/toddler, come to Atlas Training, Inc. Our courses are thorough, detailed, affordable, and sure to give you the resources you need to care for children in any environment.

What Is the Course?

Our CDA training courses for infant/toddler are 100 percent online, making them convenient for the working adult. Our cohort-based classes allow our students to learn and grow alongside peers over the course of nine months. Each month, participants will complete one module, and after all nine modules are completed, they are ready to apply to earn the CDA.

Our courses are built to prepare you to transfer your learning to the work you do with children. Our courses are competency-based and result in the attainment of the CDA. The CDA credential has also been evaluated for college credit so once you achieve your CDA, we will guide you on how to transfer your credential to credits.

In short, whether you need to become a CDA for a job or simply want to increase your ability to work with young children, our CDA training courses for infants and toddlers are perfect for you.

What Is Atlas Training?

Atlas Training is a child development training program designed for professionals. Our mission is to provide the benefits of collaborative learning without the need to attend classes in a physical location. Get the quality experiences you need without needing to disrupt your schedule. For more information, read our FAQ.

Last modified: Wednesday, October 14, 2020, 9:37 AM